Best Dirty Martini Ever?

Via (yes two in a row) claims to have the blueprint for the Best Dirty Martini Ever. Only one way to find out…, although I did some rough math and, starting from scratch, that’s about a $300 drink.

The DS editors have gone through their fair share of drinking establishments in search of the best dirty martini they could find.  And more often than not, the various concoctions handed back to us come terribly short of the chilled briny perfection we’ve been seeking.  The ratio of vodka to olive juice is sometimes completely random, the olives themselves are often inedible, and the choice of vodkas in most places is typically uninspired (e.g. Absolut, Grey Goose, etc).


And DapperScouts recipe:

The Best Dirty Martini Recipe

•    3.5 oz Dry Fly Vodka
•    ¼ oz Dolin Dry Vermouth
•    1 splash Castelvetrano olive brine (two splashes for extra dirty)

•    Add ice and pour all ingredients into the martini shaker
•    Shake vigorously for 20 seconds and then strain into the chilled martini glass
•    Garnish with three Castelvetrano olives

Best Dirty Martini is a heavy claim, but who am I to judge. I would say that my friends who like their martinis dirty would replace the word “splash” with sustained pour of olive juice…

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