The only thing in life is memories. Memories you have of the people you know, or the people you knew.

Memories of the things you did or the things you’re are doing. The future is all about planning so you’ll have memories that you’ll want to look back on.

There is no present. Just the past you remember and the past you’re looking to create.

Pat Robertson is a Piece of Crap

Pat Robertson is a delusional, religious-carpet-bagging, false prophet, opportunist, christian profiteer, piece of garbage in a $2,000 suit…  This we all knew, but it’s always exciting when he says it himself…

Fuck you Pat Robertson and thank you for playing.


Weighing in on a Tag-line

Right now the frontrunner is: Lord of the Barflies, some things for some people.

It seems to be the perfect amount of “non-committal.”

LOTB on the Art of the Gift

It’s holiday season, so in the spirit of this magical time of year. LOTB would like to examine the strange, but acceptable, practice of giving gift receipts.

Many see no harm, and actually some benefit, in letting the “giftees” choose whether a  gift is really right for them by way of the return policy. Let’s look a little deeper.

You mean to say that you went to all the trouble to leave the comfort of your home, fight the holiday crowds, battle the sneezing, slobbering, diseased children and their rude self-absorbed parents to find the perfect gift? And, when it’s your time to shine, when you present them with this perfect gift, to your friend/family member/coworker, you include a  gift receipt…really?

A gift receipt says, “Look, I went to a lot of trouble, a LOT of trouble to get you this. But I am a sucker – so, if you’d rather have something else go return what I thoughtfully gave you. Go tell the world that I am a joke for wasting my precious time thinking of you.”

First of all, if you don’t want to put in the effort, get a gift card. If you don’t care whether they like what you get them or not, don’t get them anything. But… if you go out and carefully select something you think is definitely the perfect gift?

Don’t cheapen it by giving them the gift receipt opt-out clause. There’s one Claus this time of year and he’s a fat, alcoholic bearded bastard named Santa, and if you tried to work him for a gift receipt…? He’d stick Rudolph’s red beak so far up your ass your nose would glow…

When you choose a gift, it’s “theirs” to have. You picked it, it’s what they get – final answer.

Doesn’t fit? Gain some weight.  Already have a blender? Start blending more shit. Dog died? Get it stuffed and put this fucking sweater on it because this is my loving gift to you, you ungrateful bastard.

Not only should you not give a gift receipt, you should make sure that the gifts are NOT returnable. Tear the sweater a little bit, wear the shoes around the block, scratch the DVD, take a swig of the Jameson… They don’t like what you give them, fuck them. Gift wrap a picture of a bullet and a gun next time and tell them you’re on a lay-away plan you’ll “give it to them later.”

Let’s not make excuses either . Show some stones when the cashier says, “Would you like a gift receipt for this?”  She is mocking you and you don’t even know it. She’s saying your gift is crap and she doesn’t even know you (just easier to pretend it’s a female cashier, could be a guy) Here’s how that conversation should go:

CASHIER: Would you like a gift receipt for this?”
YOU (casually): What do you mean by that…?
CASHIER: I mean, do you want a gift receipt for this…?
YOU (bravely): Your mom needs a gift receipt…
CASHIER (Suddenly having a revelation): Yes, you’re absolutely right about the
irony of gift receipts.
YOU: Really?
CASHIER: No, fuck you and get out of my store you pathetic asshole.

Hmmn, ,maybe thinking about it, gift receipts aren’t that bad anyways… that kind of sucked… Happy Holidays.


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